Why FR Futuro?

" We exceed our clients' expectations"

Our relationship with Ocean carriers, Trucking companies, Railroads, and Air carriers mean more options and greater flexibility to efficiently move your freight from origin to destination.

We rely on an impressive portfolio of reputable carriers, providing us great flexibility when evaluating and solving freight challenges. FR Futuro's Latin America expertise and customer base helps us to leverage our carrier buying power, resulting in lower landed costs for your supply chain requirements.

Because we've chosen not to own transportation equipment or warehouses, our non-asset based approach allows us to quickly react and adapt to changing market conditions. This means that our traffic and logistics managers are able to evaluate your specific requirements for each and every shipment, taking into consideration up to date service options that are in line with your cost expectations. Our transportation consultants will work closely with your organization to analyze your specific shipping requirements, and then apply our best multi modal option to achieve your objectives. Our goal is to select the most cost efficient and reliable mode of transportation available to satisfy your delivery demands.

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