The Outsource Advantage

With the need to be competitive, more companies are identifying business task that are secondary to their core business functions, or that may demand significant capital investment and additional management resources.  As a result, non-core tasks are being outsourced to specialist who are experts in their field which can help you capitalize on their activity, and provide your company with the benefit of their economies of scale.

Outsourcing your Latin America transportation and logistics requirements provides the opportunity for your company to assign its resources more effectively, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Process manufactures, chemical, raw material, and component suppliers have enjoyed a proven history of outsourcing transportation and logistics competencies. During the past decade, we've seen a definite trend where export suppliers and manufactures have chosen to outsource a number of non-core functions. These tasks include outsourcing Ocean and Air freight transportation, domestic warehousing, export documentation, Hazardous Material processing, consolidation/segregation, cargo insurance, and other export related services that FR Futuro offers it's valued customers.

With markets becoming more specialized, and with increased importance being placed on " niche or specialized services", we are proud to say that for over two decades, FR Futuro has provided   forwarding services to U.S. shippers and suppliers of raw materials, chemicals, and finished products, that demand timely and efficient shipping of their goods to consignees throughout Latin America. We have accomplished this with utmost integrity and efficiency, and our proven track record of exceptional, personalized Freight Forwarding and Logistics services are unparalleled in our field.

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